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Arkansas Granite & More has become an AIA Arkansas Silver Ribbon Co-Sponsor
We have taken on the mission of providing all of the information and support necessary for AIA Arkansas Members and affiliated companies and professionals in every area of fabrication we offer. We will do all it takes to enhance the AIA Arkansas success in any way we can. A prime example of this effort is the presentation and tour we are offering in regard to our comprehensive granite fabrication installation.

Granite Fabrication Technology Installation Unique To Arkansas

This high technology package comprised of computerized image capture and management along with precision-built machinery takes the fabrication of granite to a whole new level at Benton, Arkansas-based Arkansas Granite & More - an AIA Arkansas Silver Ribbon Co-Sponsor.

Founded by a professional with more than 35 years experience in the granite industry, Bobby McElroy, this platform utilizes knowledge acquired over the years to build a "dream" facility that simplifies complex granite fabrication processes, helps eliminate waste, and speeds production times.

When a slab of granite is received, it is photographed on the Pathfinder® 1200 digital photo station and a bar code is generated for inventory management.

Pathfinder 1200 Digital Photo Station
The incredibly high quality image captures every vein and subtle variant of each slab. Color printouts are available that perfectly represent the end result appearance. Once a specific job is digitized and measurements acquired, CAD files are created to show seam placement and overhangs, sink cut-outs and similar features that determine cutting patterns. These files are then loaded into the Fusion® 4000 system that guides the powerful CNC saw/Waterjet apparatus through perfectly straight cuts and any radius required.
Fusion® 4000 CNC saw/Waterjet


Arkansas Granite & More has a long tradition of providing Architects, Designers, and General Contractors with unparralled excellence in every detail throughout a multi-state area. This new technology center will enhance capabilities and capacities in the continuing commitment to providing better services.

Professionals are invited to tour these truly remarkable facilities during the series of Open Houses soon to be announced, or as scheduled by individual firms. Hard hats and safety glasses are required. For more information, call Scott McElroy at 501-315-4500.