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This high technology facility is comprised of computerized image capture and management capabilities and precision-built machinery that takes the fabrication of granite to a whole new level.

Developed under the direction of a professional with more than 35 years experience in the granite industry, Bobby McElroy, this platform utilizes knowledge acquired over the years to build a "dream" facility that simplifies complex granite fabrication processes, helps eliminate waste, and speeds production times.

The Process

When a slab of granite is received, it is photographed on the Pathfinder® 1200 digital photo station and a bar code is generated for inventory management.




Pathfinder® 1200 Digital Photo Station

The incredibly high quality image captures every vein and subtle variant of each slab. Color printouts are available that perfectly represent the end result appearance. Once a specific job is digitized and measurements acquired, CAD files are created to show seam placement and overhangs, sink cut-outs and similar features that determine cutting patterns.





Fusion® 4000 CNC Saw/Waterjet

These files are then loaded into the Fusion® 4000 system that guides the powerful CNC saw/Waterjet apparatus through perfectly straight cuts and any radius required.


Enhanced Outcomes

Arkansas Granite & More has a long tradition of providing Architects, Designers, and General Contractors with unparralled excellence in every detail throughout a multi-state area. This new technology center will enhance capabilities and capacities in the continuing commitment to providing better services.

The Tour

Tour Station 1: Slab Yard



The AGM Granite slab yard inventory offers a wide variety of highest quality natural stone.


Slab selection begins the process of fabrication.



Tour Station 2: Pathfinder



The selected slab is bar coded and photographed at Pathfinder station.









Tour Station 2: Digital Measurement CAD Conversion
Digitized measurements of a job from the field are accessed. These measurements are converted into CAD files:



Adam Smith cleaning up the files and prepping them in Autocad. Overhang is added to the cabinet drawings, seams placed, sink drawing(s) added. Shop drawings generated.
a. seam placement
b. overhangs added
c. sink cutouts added
d, CAD drawings/Shop Drawings





Tour Station 3: Programming Fusion & Destiny
Keith Trent taking the Cad files and programming the Fusion & Destiny from his pc. Generates a page with a bar code to give to operator with all information for this particular job on it. This point is where the color layout of kitchen is generated if needed.


Fusion files are created using CAD and slab photos

a. real-time layout generated
b. page is printed with a bar code that the machine operator scans to call up the job layout on the computer






Tour Station 4: Fusion Operation

Fusion in action. Fully automated. Operator uses bar code reader on controls to scan job sheet generated by Keith, then scans bar code sticker on slab after placing slab on table. If slab loaded does not match job sheet, machine will not start, tells operator wrong slab is loaded.

Slab is loaded onto Fusion work surface
a. slab and job page are both scanned
b. if the bar code on the slab matches the data in the bar code on the CAD drawing, the Fusion system will begin cutting the slab automatically












Tour Station 5: Destiny Operation



Once they are cut, appropriate pieces of granite are put through the Destiny CNC process

a. operator scans bar code on job page and machine automatically begins shaping edges

b. few have the CNC saw / water jet


Tour Station 6: Finishing



















Thibaut T-108; used to grind pieces (if needed) or polish face (if needed). Main job is to make Drain board around sink if called for.


GMM Eura bridge saw; used for overflow cutting when Fusion is busy.


Pieces being prepped for stainless steel rods for extra strength in area of sinks.


Prepping the Marmo Meccanica LCV 711M. This is an automated flat & bevel edge polisher for back splashes and straight pieces.