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Warranty Guidelines

Caring for a granite countertop:

• Arkansas Granite and More seals all natural stone counter tops. Sealing retards the absorption of liquids and foreign materials into the counter top itself. However, it is only an aid in repelling, it is not guaranteed to prevent staining if foreign liquid or product is left unattended for any length of time.
• Wipe up all spills immediately with warm water and mild detergent or a ph neutral cleaner formulated for use on natural stone. Use of acidic, alkali or abrasive cleaners is not recommended.
• Use a cutting board to avoid ruining your knives by cutting directly on your granite counter tops. There is also a small risk of damaging your granite with the knives.
• Use of a trivet or hot pad is also recommended. While there is a slight chance of damaging your counter tops the real danger is to your skin. The granite will absorb much of the heat, and will remain hot to the touch for a considerable amount of time.

For maintenance and care of Caesarstone quartz products, please go directly to their website via the direct link below.

CaesarStone Quartz Surfaces and Countertops     



Standard Warranty Guidelines
• Arkansas Granite & More guarantees all work against improper fabrication and installation. We will repair or replace without charge the countertop should a manufacturing defect occur within one year from installation.
• Warranty does not cover damage caused by chemicals, abuse, natural stone characteristics, settling of house or structure, act of nature or relocation of countertop.
• Natural stone's geological features are part of the stone's beauty. Granite can have natural pitting, fissures or dull spots. Lighting conditions where the countertop is installed can make these features either diminish or be enhanced. These natural stone characteristics are considered part of the beauty of the stone. Pitting is part of the crystalling structure where small spaces appear between mineral crystals. When the stone is polished tiny crystals loosen and cause pits. These areas do not worsen with use or over time. Fissures are hairline cracks on the surface caused by temperature changes during the stones formation. They do not permeate the slab and will not expand or grow over the life of the countertop. Granite is composed of a mix of quartz, feldspars and other minerals. When components in the granite do not accept the same polish in a same manner as the rest of the stone, dull spots result.

15 Year Sealer Without Warranty
AGM offers the same sealer product applied by the same certified sealer technicians without the warranty callbacks, and at a greatly reduced price. The 15-year sealer without the warranty will require a service charge for inspections of claims.

Warranties Available at an Extra Charge
15-Year Sealer With Warranty
What the homeowner can expect:
• At least 15 years duration for the sealer.
• Most type of cleaners can be used, including bleach. Acids or solvents are not recommended!
• In the unlikely event there is a stain, AGM WILL make every reasonable effort to extract the stain, and re-seal the entire kitchen. This is all at absolutely NO COST to the customer!
• The warranty is transferable.
The homeowner is required to:
• Practice good housekeeping - clean up spills and messes promptly.
• Use AGM's cleaner at least once every 3 weeks.
Note: Etches are not covered under this warranty.

Extended Coverage of Installation Warranty:
Arkansas Granite and More, LLC. (hereinafter "AGM") hereby grants the following limited installation warranty, exclusively for all AGM customer granite purchases only that are combined with AGM installation services, for all original granite installations performed exclusively by AGM employees, AGM subsidiaries' employees, for AGM original customers for granite material and the original installation services from AGM, or and its subsidiaries, and to subsequent owners of the installed granite, subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. SCOPE OF LIMITED WARRANTY. For a ten (10) year period, beginning upon the original, final installation completion date of the granite appearing below, AGM warrants its granite installations against workmanship defects for installation jobs, limited to those installations which AGM has exclusively performed all initial installation labor, and any subsequent repair labor for the particular granite installation, for which the warranty claim is made. This AGM limited warranty limits AGM's obligation to the customer or subsequent owner, if a proper assignment of limited warranty is accomplished under the terms of this contract, to only repair or replacement of any installation or product originally installed and purchased from AGM. Any said repair or replacement by AGM does not extend the original ten (10) year limited warranty term. Customer or subsequent owner shall remain liable for payment of all reasonable and necessary labor costs to complete said installation repairs or replacement of product.
2. EXCLUSIONS & EXCEPTIONS. Under this granite installation limited warranty, AGM does not warrant its installation of any non-granite material, or other natural stone material (including, but not limited to,
marble limestone, etc.) regardless of the original purchase source of said stone materials. AGM does not warrant any non-granite material, or other natural stone material installed or sold by AGM, for any latent defects; damage caused by etching, hard water, acid, or any other caustic substances which damage non-granite, natural stone material sold or installed by AGM. No other express, or implied warranties, including express or implied warranty for fitness for a particular purpose, use, or merchantability, are hereby made by AGM, other than this written limited installation warranty, except for the limited warranty terms expressly stated herein. Under no circumstances shall AGM be liable for any loss or damage, including any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, arising from the purchase, installation, use or inability to use stone sold or installed by AGM, or arising from any application of the product by AGM to any surface or fixture. This limited warranty shall not apply to any damage to any granite product, or installation failures, caused by:
- Acts of Nature.
- Natural settlement or movement of sub-straights (cabinets, floors, etc.).
- Failure to follow AGM recommended maintenance procedures and use of AGM recommended maintenance products.
- Physical abuse and impact, misuse, or accidental damages (including failure to remove any spilled substance promptly.
- Exposure to heat in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. LIMITED WARRANTY CLAIMS PROCEDURE. Any person or entity that has the right to file a claim for a covered limited warranty matter must provide AGM proof of the original final installation date; ownership of the limited warranty and ownership of the granite improvement. AGM has thirty (30) days to investigate the claim and to accept or deny the claim. If the claim is accepted, AGM has a reasonable time to make repairs to or replacement of granite or installation with due consideration for time of year and AGM's current installation business volume.
4. TRANSFER & ASSIGNMENT OF LIMITED WARRANTY. This limited warranty may be transferable and assignable, for any remaining term, by the original AGM customer, to whom it was granted. Any transfer of this limited warranty must be to a subsequent owner of the granite improvement, who shall also be bound by all terms herein, and is conditioned upon the transferor and new owner having first completed a new owner registration form, with proof of the original, dated limited warranty, submitted to AGM at the time of the transfer.


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